Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019 Buch auf Deutsch

Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019 Buch auf Deutsch

Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019 kostenloser Download Buch auf Deutsch

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- FSC-zertifiziert- Innenseiten mit weißer Rückwand- 4-sprachiges Kalendarium (DE/FR/IT/GB)- Feiertage (DE/AT/CH/FR/IT)- Mit Ferienterminen (DE/AT/CH)- Mit Wire-O-Bindung- Bei Alpha Edition sind viele weitere Foto-Bastelkalender in unterschiedlichsten Formaten erhältlichDer Kreativität freien Lauf lassen und einen Kalender kreieren, wie es ihn kein zweites Mal gibt: mit dem praktischen Foto-Bastelkalender ein Kinderspiel! Einfach die freien Flächen über dem Kalendarium mit persönlichen Fotos oder selbst gemalten Bildern bekleben und aufhängen!Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch.


Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019 kostenloser eBook-Download in deutscher Sprache

  • Autor:
  • Herausgeber: ALPHA EDITION
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum:
  • Abdeckung: Kalender
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • ISBN-10: 3840798132
  • ISBN-13: 978-3840798139
  • Maße: 21 x 0,5 x 22 cm
  • Gewicht: 21 x 0,5 x 22 cm
  • Gebundene Ausgabe:
  • Serie:
  • Klasse:
  • Alter:
  • Autor:
  • Preis: EUR 5,50




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Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019 kostenloser eBook-Download in deutscher Sprache




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Foto-Bastelkalender 21 x 22 datiert - weiß 2019


While reading Alfie Kohn's The Homework Myth book, I got into debates about its content many times. Here is a compilation of my discussions: Me: Why do we need homework? Them: Homework reviews important skills. Me: Why can't that be done at school? Wouldn't class time be better spent on that practice where the students could get help? Them: But there isn't enough time to do all that practice and cover the content. Me: If you understand how to do the work, you don't need to do a lot of practice. If you are lost, then you need instruction, not practice. Also, this would streamline your ability to get through content faster because you wouldn't have to back track when kids don't have homework done. Them: Well, homework teaches you responsibility. It teaches you how to do work for when you are in high school or college. Me: No studies actually show this. Aren't their better ways to teach responsibility that don't undermine a child's natural curiosity? Is all that practice really necessary when there isn't a large correlation between homework and high school student achievement either? Them: Well, we did homework and turned out alright. Me: Just because we did it doesn't make it good for students, especially since younger and younger students are being assigned more and more work. Them: Other countries give lots of homework and we need to catch up to them. Me: Actually, it isn't true that lots of other countries give a lot of homework. In fact, Japan has ended homework in some places. Instead, some places have more class time for instruction and support instead of encroaching upon the family. It is usually at this point (if not sooner) that whoever I was talking with got frustrated with me and changed the subject. What impressed me was how thoroughly Kohn presented his argument against homework. Every counterargument that someone mentioned in my conversations, Kohn addresses. Kohn's research on homework is extensive, which makes him very creditable. He cites many sources, as well as providing a list of those sources and about 40 pages of notes at the end of the text about the cited research. Also, Kohn's writing is very well organized. He breaks the content into many chunks making it very easy to follow his ideas. This style furthers the feeling of thoroughness. But, his writing is repetitive. He is constantly adding that research does not back up giving homework for academics, but actually shows it may be harmful. This gets old by half way through the book. I felt that anyone interested and intelligent enough to make it that far in the book had gotten the point by then. Most interesting to me was the early discussion on the negative effect that homework has on children, particularly the family. Since when I was teaching, I didn't have a family per se, I didn't understand this. Furthermore, growing up my family didn't spend much time together, so homework didn't affect us much. I do remember my parents investing time into our homework though. I don't remember many of these exchanges being tense, but they were time consuming. So as a teacher, I didn't have a lot of personal experience of homework ruining family time and twisting family relationships. Reading this section gave me insight into how homework affects a wider range of families outside of my direct experience. I was left at the end of this section feeling powerless. I am on board with Kohn that homework should be for older students, and then we should modify how we think about it (more on that in a minute). But, my feelings as a teacher will most likely not affect my child's experiences throughout her eduction. I was left feeling very sad about my poor little girl facing hours of mindless, yet frustrating homework that eats up her evening hours with her parents and her time to relax. I found myself actually thinking I would ask teachers how much homework counts towards final grades to determine if the percentage was worth us just not doing it in our home if we didn't feel it was necessary. I was also contemplating calling Natalie's future school and asking about the homework policy, even though Kindergarten is still about four years away for her. What I did feel good about was the section where Kohn describes how we should rethink homework. First, he states that we should reset the default so that homework isn't a given. I know as a teacher I though of homework as a given when planning, but mostly so I could fit in as much as possible. When I switched to Nancy Atwell's reading and writing workshop, I didn't do that anymore. And that is the type of homework that Kohn recommends. He strongly recommends free reading. Also, continuing projects not finished in class when students choose not to use class time is another new form of homework that Kohn recommends that I used in my classroom with writing workshop. Choice is a large factor in Kohn's new vision of homework; his endorsement of choice also made me proud of that amount of choice I gave students in reading and writing. While reading The Homework Myth, I was tempted to buy copies for the superintendents of the school districts I plan to be in contact with in the future. In my mind, that is a big endorsement for Kohn's ideas on homework.

2020-09-16 23:58


Ich mochte dieses Buch nicht wirklich, es war einfach kein Buch für mich, aber es hatte traurige Momente.

2020-01-12 08:14


Dinge, die Donna Tartt braucht: - Einen guten Redakteur. - Eine originelle Idee. - Eine Ego-Deflation. DIE GEHEIMNISGESCHICHTE ist eine Lektüre wert, obwohl sie immer noch unter aufgeblähter Verschwörung und übermäßigem Geschwätz leidet.

2020-01-10 07:38

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